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International Cancer Vaccine Symposium
Sunday, December 2, 2001
American Club, Tokyo, Japan
  1. Welcome
    @@Ms. Vickie Paradise Green
    @@Director, Tokyo American Club, Japan
  2. Opening Remarks
    @@Dr. Lowell T. Harmison
    @@Senior Executive Adviser, Hasumi International Research Foundation, USA
  3. Chairman: Dr. Takehiko Sasazuki, Professor, Kyusyu University, Japan

    1st Presentation:
    Dr. Dean L. Mann, Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Medicine, USA
    gDendritic Cell Acquisition of Candidate Tumor Antigens, Maturation And T Cell Responseh

    2nd Presentation
    Dr. Edgar G. Engleman, Professor, Stanford University, USA
    gMobilization And Potential Clinical Uses of Dendritic Cellsh

    3rd Presentation
    Dr. James Mule, Professor, University of Michigan Medical Center, USA
    gTumor Vaccine Strategies That Employ Dendritic Cells AndTumor Lysates:
    Experimental And Clinical Studiesh

  4. Chairman: Dr. Kunihiko Tamaki, Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan

    4th Presentation
    Dr. Georg Stingl, Professor, University of Vienna Medical School, Austria
    gCutaneous Dendritic Cells ? Vehicles for the Induction of Cancer Immunityh

    5th Presentation
    Dr. Jeffrey Weber, Professor, Keck/USC School of Medicine in Los Angeles, USA
    gPeptide-Based and Dendritic Cell Strategies for Melanomah

  5. Madam Chairman: Dr. Kayo Inaba, Professor, Kyoto University, Japan

    Panel Discussions
    Dr. Edgar G. Engleman Dr. Kenichiro Hasumi
    Dr. Lowell T. Harmison Dr. Kayo Inaba
    Dr. Dean L. Mann Dr. James Mule
    Dr. Takehiko Sasazuki Dr. Georg Stingl
    Dr. Kunihiko Tamaki Dr. Jeffrey Weber

  6. Closing Remarks
    –Announcement on Scholarship