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International Research

The headquarters of the Hasumi Foundation was physically established on May 1, 1999, in the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, one of the most advanced and renowned academic research institutes for immunotherapy.

Although the University and the Hasumi Foundation are independent of each other, the Hasumi Foundation will have a high level of academic support from the University to efficiently and adequately corroborate research activity internationally. Currently, the Hasumi Foundation is supporting cancer research in the United States, Japan, China and Brazil.

  Dr. Kenichiro HASUMI
Chairman & CEO

Dr. Kenichiro Hasumi is a physician, specialized in cancer immunotherapy and terminal care. He is also a researcher and visionary, focused on the development of cancer vaccines and improved clinical treatments to achieve better patient outcomes with a higher quality of life.

Dr. Hasumi is also responsible for immunotherapy by use of the Hasumi vaccine. The Hasumi vaccine has been used by over 100,000 cancer patients during the past fifty years in more than twenty countries, without the occurrence of any severe side effect. Dr. Hasumi intends to devote all of his abilities and his experience to direct and manage the Hasumi Foundation for the benefit of human kind.

Dr. Hasumi also is chairman of Shukokai Clinic, Hijirigaoka Hospital, Hijiri-no-Sato Elderly Health Care Facility, and The Electro-Chemical and Cancer Institute; all these institutions are located in Tokyo, Japan. He was also the primary organizer and founder for the World Immuno-Society for Health (WISH), a nonprofit organization helping physicians, patients and their families become more aware and understanding of cancer treatment and care through networking.

Since 1931

Background History

1931 The late Dr. Kiichiro Hasumi started research of cancer propagation and development of cancer vaccine.
1946 The Electro-Chemical & Cancer Institute (later became a part of Shukokai Incorporated) was organized in Chofu city, Tokyo, Japan.
1948 Clinical application of the Hasumi vaccine was initiated.
1958 Shukokai Incorporated was established and Shukokai Clinic & Office was founded in Asagaya ward, Tokyo, Japan.
  The name gShukokaih was given by Mr. Masahiro Yasuoka who was a patient of the late Dr. Hasumi and had prepared the manuscript of the Emperorfs radio statement at the end of the World War 2. The meaning is gtruth shines like a jewelh as to the cancer-free future.
1988 Shukokai Incorporated was succeeded by Dr. Kenichiro Hasumi and he was appointed as Chairman & CEO. The focus of research was changed and directed to the tumor immunology and to the genetics.
1990 Hijirigaoka Hospital was opened in Tama city, Tokyo, Japan. LAK therapy was also started at the clinic.
1996 Hijirigaoka Hospital was certified as the Tokyofs fourth palliative care facility.
1997 Dr. Kenichiro Hasumi was appointed as the guest professor at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA, USA. K. Hasumi Associate Professorship was also created with the K. Hasumi Found to support research and development on immunotherapy at the college.
1998 A joint research project with Jilin Provincial Cancer Hospital in China was initiated.
1999 Hijiri-no-Sato was built next to the Hijirigaoka Hospital as the first elderly health care facility in Tama city, Tokyo, Japan.
  Hasumi Foundation was established.

History Update

2000 Research Collaboration with University of Maryland was initiated.

1st International Cancer Vaccine Symposium was held in Tokyo.

2002 2nd International Cancer Vaccine Symposium was held in Beijing with China-National Cancer Institute.
The Foundationfs main office was moved to Washington DC.
gCancer Vaccines: Zeroing In On
the Cancer Cellh written by
Dr. Lowell T. Harmison and
Dr. Kenichiro Hasumi was published.
2004 3rd International Cancer Vaccine Symposium was held in London with Royal Society of Medicine.
2006 4th International Cancer Vaccine Symposium was held in Washington DC with US-National Cancer Institute.
Affiliated organization gHasumi International Research Foundation -Bulgariah was created.