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Dr. Zongtang SUN (2003)

Dr. Zongtang Sun is a Professor of Immunology, National Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology, Cancer Institute/Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS). Dr. Sun received his M.D. from the Medical School of St. Johns University, in Shanghai.

He began his scientific career as a biophysicist in CAMS in developing high sensitivity ESR spectrometry to explore the role of free radicals in carcinogenesis and its prevention by anti-oxidants. He joined Immunology Department, Cancer Institute, CAMS and developed novel immuno-technique to achieve early detection of liver cancer, resulting in significant increase of long term survival. For this contribution, Dr. Sun received the Cancer Immunology Award 1979 issued by Cancer Research Institute in New York. He was also the first to resolve the measurement of aflatoxin exposure on individual basis through immuno-monitoring. In 1983, he initiated the first large scale controlled clinical trial including 80,000 newborns using HB vaccination to prevent chronic hepatitis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in Qidong, China. This decades long collaborative study with Oxford has provided valuable data and positive impact. As a part time Visiting Scientist in NCI, Dr. Sun co-discovered the 249 codon hotspot mutation of p53 gene in HCC of Qidong.

Dr. Sun used to be the Member of General Motors Cancer Award Assembly and its Advisory Committee, Member of WHO Experts Advisory Panels on Immunology and on Health Research, Member of the Editorial Board of Carcinogenesis, Cancer Survey and others. He had chaired the Immunology Department of Cancer Institute, CAMS, and published more than one hundred scientific articles. Dr. Sunfs current researches focus on: a HB preventive vaccine program in newborns, and an exploratory DC based therapeutic vaccine to suppress the recurrence of residual HCC.