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Dr. Elizabeth JAFFEE (2006)

Dr. Jaffee (M.D.) is the first recipient of the Dana and Albert gCubbyh Broccoli Professorship in Oncology at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland. She is also a member of the Graduate Programs in Immunology, Pharmacology, and Cell and Molecular Medicine. Dr. Jaffeefs research is focused on the development of novel vaccine approaches that overcome immune tolerance to developing pancreatic and breast cancers. As the principal investigator of the NCDDG program grant, Dr. Jaffee has fostered interdisciplinary research activities across several departments. As part of this program, her laboratory has developed combinatorial vaccine approaches in mouse models that are actively being tested in patients in gproof of principleh clinical trials. Her laboratory has also identified a number of pancreatic cancer antigenic targets that are being validated in Phase II clinical trials. Dr. Jaffee has assumed multiple leadership roles in the cancer center. She developed the very successful GMP Core facility and serves as the Medical Director of this facility and the Chairperson of the Oversight Committee. She has developed and oversees the clinical trials infrastructure that facilitates translation in the Immunology program. She has also initiated an advisor program for clinical fellows in the Cancer Center and a mentorship lecture series for junior faculty in the Cancer Center.