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Dr. Kenichiro HASUMI (2002, 2003, 2004, 2006)

Dr. Kenichiro Hasumi is a physician, specialized in cancer immunotherapy and terminal care. He is also a researcher and visionary, focused on the development of cancer vaccines and improved clinical treatments to achieve better patient outcomes with a higher quality of life. In 1999, Dr. Hasumi established the Hasumi International Research Foundation (HIRF) in the United States. The primary purpose of HIRF is to conduct and support scientific research in connection with finding a cure for various forms of cancer, particularly with the use of immunotherapy. Its mission is to develop a highly sophisticated database and networking system for the collection and dissemination of valuable data from cancer research and treatment throughout the world. Currently, with his ever-growing vision to help cancer patients, Dr. Hasumi as the HIRFfs Chairman, has been supporting various cancer researches in the United States, Japan, Taiwan and China. HIRF has also been sponsoring the International Cancer Vaccine Symposium since 2001. Dr. Hasumi also is chairman of Shukokai Clinic, Hijirigaoka Hospital, Hijiri-no-Sato Elderly Health Care Facility, and The Electro-Chemical and Cancer Institute; all these institutions are located in Tokyo, Japan. He was also the primary organizer and founder for the World Immuno-Society for Health (WISH), a nonprofit organization helping physicians, patients and their families become more aware and understanding of cancer treatment and care through networking.