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Dr. Lowell T. HARMISON (2002, 2003, 2004, 2006)

Dr. Harmison serves as the chairman of the World Immuno-Society for Health (WISH), an organization devoted to understanding and use of immunotherapies for better patient care. He has over 40 years of experience and leadership in biomedicine as a researcher, inventor, author, U.S. Government Senior Executive Service and foundation and corporate executive roles in both private and public companies. His work includes a decade of research at the National Institute of Health, a decade of service as the U.S. PHS Science Advisor and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health, DHHS; and two decades of private foundation and corporation work on a global scale. Dr. Harmisonfs principal scientific achievements include developing the first completely implantable artificial heart, patent No. 3,919,722; leading the development of the first HIV/AIDS blood test to screen the American blood supply; developing the first experimental method for the extension of neutron activation analysis to non-activatable trace elements in blood and other media; and producing the first work in the United States on radiation-induced polymerization of selected monomers with cellulose. Dr. Harmison now serves as a senior executive advisor to the Hasumi International Research Foundation, Chairman of the WorldDoc Foundation, Dean of the International Academy of Artificial Organ Pioneers and serves on several boards of directors. He has authored many publications, edited two books and most recently co-authored the book Zeroing in on the Cancer Cell: Cancer Vaccines. gThe body is a magic being both in health and disease. It is the most sophisticated pharmaceutical factory that exists and our challenge is to figure out how we can assist this magical body to return the patient to a state of good health."