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Professor Gustav GAUDERNACK (2003)

Prof. Gustav Gaudernack is Head of the vaccine development program at the Norwegian Radium Hospital (DNR) and also the head of Section for Immunotherapy at DNR. He presently holds a 3-year visiting professorship in immunotherapy at the University of Bern.

He is a member of the EORTC biological trials development group (BTDG) and the International Cooperative Group on Hereditary Non Polyposis Cancer (ICG-HNPCC). Member Advisory Board, Biological Therapy of Cancer-From Disease to Target-oriented Therapy (EORTC/NCI), and Scientific Committee International Society for Cancer Gene Therapy Singapore Meeting). Member of Advisory Board on Peptide Vaccine Approaches, Merck KGaA (until 2001), Advisory Board Centocor GenVax program, Advisory Board DYNAL Biotec: Immunosystems. Advisory Board GemVax AS, Member Scientific Panel for Biotherapy Development Association and Member ISHAGE Immunotherapy & Dendritic Cells Committee.

Prof. Gaudernack has published 170 research articles in international journals, mostly on cancer immunology, and holds 13 different patents in the field of cancer diagnostics and cancer vaccines. Based on the discovery of a number of new cancer tumor antigens, he has organized and participated in a large number of investigator initiated and industry sponsored clinical trials of tumor vaccines. These trials include the first study of a ras peptide vaccine (1993) and the first study of telomerase peptide vaccination in cancer patients (2000), two immuno-gene therapy trials with mRNA transfected dendritic cells. He is currently engaged in the planning of the first prophylactic cancer vaccine trial designed to prevent an inherited form of cancer due to defects in the mismatch repair machinery leading to colon and endometrial cancer.