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Professor Angus DALGLEISH (2004, 2006)

Professor Angus Dalgleish is the Foundation Professor of Oncology at St. Georgefs University of London, formerly St. Georgefs Hospital Medical School. He trained at University College London where he performed an intercalated BSc with Professor J Z Young, FRS. After house jobs in London and Poole he spent a year in the flying doctor service in Australia. He then joined an internal medicine programme in Brisbane before focusing on radiotherapy and oncology. After obtaining his Fellowship he became a Clinical Research Fellow to Professor Robin Weiss, FRS, at the Institute of Cancer Research at the Royal Marsden Hospital. There he developed an interest in retroviruses as causative agents of human disease and the role of the immune response in the pathogenesis of these diseases.

He is a co-discoverer of the CD4 receptor for HIV and has published many important papers on AIDS and HIV. More recently he has become very interested in the role of the immune response and the treatment of cancer and has focused on cell based vaccines in particular. He founded Onyvax, a start up biotech company, at St. Georgefs in 1998 with the focus of developing a cell based vaccine for prostate cancer. His main current research interest is the use of sequential managed immunotherapy to optimise the currently available approaches. Current studies are aimed at increasing the efficacy of dendritic cell vaccines through the use of toll-like receptor agonists, T-regulatory cell reduction and expansion of effector cells.