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Dr. Jean-Yves BONNEFOY. (2004)

Jean-Yves Bonnefoy, completed his thesis in Biochemistry at the Research Laboratory of Dermatology & Immunology CNRS 788 and INSERM Unit 209, under Professor J. Thivolet, in Lyon. He then joined the Immunological Research Center UNICET, a subsidiary of Schering Plough USA, as a research scientist. In 1987 he received his second thesis in immunology. He continued his career within the pharmaceutical industry and joined Glaxo Wellcome-Geneva in 1988, where he became Director of the Department of Immunology, Senior Scientist and Project Leader. During his time at Glaxo Wellcome he took courses at the London Business School. From 1997 ? 2002, Jean-Yves served as General Manager of the Centre d'Immunologie at Pierre Fabre. In 2002, he was appointed Director of the Canceropole Lyon Rhone-Alpes. As Director, he defined the scientific structure and regional economic objectives for the Canceropole by outlining the content of current research projects. During these years his teams discovered several antibody-based products as well as an antigen-specific immunotherapeutic product. He has contributed to over 200 scientific publications in international revues and filed 18 patents. Additionally, he is a Member of the Board of the Journal of Immunology and The European Journal of Immunology, and Scientific Board Member of the Merieux Foundation and expert for the biotherapy commission of INSERM. He is also a reviewer for grants at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research, The Wellcome Trust, the Swiss National Foundation, the Heart & Lung Foundation, INSERM and the Royal Society for Research Grants. Jean-Yves is regularly invited to chair international conferences, symposia, workshops and seminars as well as contributing to training courses in Immunology. His expertise is equally solicited for the evaluation of research proposals for the European Commission.